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  1. RoguHelihunt
    Two Planes, two Norwegian Planes with same everything, I mean everything like depart and arrival times same, name same, tail no same etc
  2. Frank Johnson
    Frank Johnson
    New member looking for contacts relating to air traffic control radio frequencies, I have most uk frequencies
  3. RoguHelihunt
    RogueHelihunter's purpose of this page is to create awareness about rogue crafts flying all over Vegas sky and they are menacingly bad ..!
  4. RoguHelihunt
    the sky and the earth below is being abused to the core, exposing these criminals is the purpose of this profile.
  5. RoguHelihunt
    In the city of Las Vegas, massive number of rogue helicopters, cessnas, planes and drone planes, military planes and drones are rampaging!
  6. israel Anderson Felipe
  7. navys
    Inhale only the wind ...
  8. Scholztec
    Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals! ... Except the weasels.
  9. Shine Wang
    Shine Wang
    Due to aviation fuel supply shortages in MEL, some international flights are making technical stops in ADL to take on extra fuel.
  10. Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan
    Where can I obtain a newcsharecode.
  11. Chris Jordan
    Chris Jordan
    do not have my sharecode
  12. Red Baron
    Red Baron
    Semi-retired, aviation enthusiast and keen photographer of aircraft.
  13. k3who
    "A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points but it is by no means the most interesting."
  14. Ricardo Doble R
    Ricardo Doble R
    How can I put my avatar on the planefinder login/logout logo?
  15. Ricardo Doble R
    Ricardo Doble R
    Starting as a new member.
  16. Agus Setianto
    Agus Setianto
    Hi I'am Mukomuko based spotter...Newbie forum poster
  17. Frazer MAC
    Frazer MAC
    hello all ....i'm a manchester based spotter .. and feeder to planefinder for 14 months now...
  18. Glenn Stewart
    Glenn Stewart
    Newbie Forum Poster.
  19. Chris Shayler
    Chris Shayler Lee Armstrong
    Hi, I am a new member who needs some help. I recently downloaded the software to feed data to Planefinder but entered the incorrect IP address and port location so I am not able to feed the info. How do I change these settings ?
  20. Mancio76
    Mancio76 giacomo1989
    Hi Giacomo, are you Italian? I try to install ModeSmixer on my Mac, unsuccessfully...
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Antonio