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  • Please do not ask any questions in profile page, start a conversation from your inbox. Thanks
    Hi Luis Cova Please see my reply in your inbox. For such matters, it is better to start a conversation than to write on profile page
    Hello, good day..

    I'm new to this forum, and i'm doing some catching up with the DIY Antenna post
    I just read this post..

    I prefer a clean install. I will format microSD Card and install Raspbian Wheezy + dump1090-mutability + piaware data client + fr24 data client + new pf client!

    Do you have some step-by.step on how to install Wheezy + dump1090?
    That's exactly what i want to do.

    I found your posts about ADS-B antennas but I cannot see always your images because imageshack gives me back an error. It's possible to you to upload again to some different place?
    I can host your images (for free of course) if you want. Its a pity your post remain so much incomplete without the images. I'm really interested in all your designs and empirical tests.
    Thanks in advance,
    Best regards
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