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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    I was just looking at a flight that popped up on VRS and noted that the airline listed was incorrect. In fact the operator is not an "airline" at all but rather a private service with exec charters. As of a little while ago there were three of the aircraft in the air, flights JAS11, JAS12 and...
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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    Would questions about aircraft general type and icon be appropriate here as well? I ask because I have noticed that the icon for a number of area AGUSTA A109 helos are displaying as twin engine jets. Is this something that can be changed systemically by type or does it need to be done on an...
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    Noob Questions

    Hello all, I am fairly new to Plane Finder and I have some questions for the assembled masses (well, probably mostly for the Plane Finder Poo-bahs): First, I begin with the assumption that most of the non ADS-B traffic shown over North America/USA is coming from the FAA feed and is therefore...