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    Kalibrate and rtl_test

    I'm trying to replicate your results, on a laptop/RTL but cannot get any signal at all using kalibrate-rtl ! Does this help? .. It, and a reddit thread, suggest you need to give kalibrate a rough estimate of the ppm error to start...
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    Auto .nec input file generator

    Thanks ! here's a pic, you can tell it's not rooftop ready yet. The dimensions are a little different from my 'best' viz: vert=127mm, hori=66mm hgap=4mm stub=58mm sgap=4mm diam=1.6mm xnec2c program tells me these dimensions should give gain=7.9db and VSWR=1.4 . So far it performs _nearly_...
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    Auto .nec input file generator

    Hello, I've been experimenting with Franklin co-linear antennas made up from 14 gauge single strand copper ( from scraps of stripped 14-2 electrical wire ). I'm getting a range of just over 100 mile radius with the antenna strapped to a broom handle about 6 feet off the ground, using the...