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    New Plane Finder Sharing Client - Beta Thread

    Hallo, installed the client... No problems... Great GUI!
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    ADS-B DIY Antenna

    Hallo, i just moved the antenna to outside... Much more aircraft now :-)
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    ADS-B DIY Antenna

    Hallo, thank you... My wife is not happy with the solution... The antenna moves to outside :-) I got an inline amplyfier today with no result... Do i have to use a power injector? My window is directed to the south-east, about 1 nm away from EDDB/SXF final aproach. Los is only blocked by one...
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    ADS-B DIY Antenna

    Hallo, after reading this very cool thread i build a cantenna and connected it to my Raspberry Pi / DVB-T stick combo. It works fine on my first try, placed inside, no amplyfier. At the moment traffic is very low here, but i got a max range of about 110 nm.