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    Plane Finder Radar

    Be nice to get one of the new receivers on the roof of the apartment building where my radio club is located. 200ft above much internet bandwidth does it use..we would only be able to use an internet stick.
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    Plane Finder Client New Version! 3.3.222

    Thanks Mark..good to know that its working, didn't want to trouble you for anything.
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    Plane Finder Client New Version! 3.3.222

    I am still unable to get this to work. Using a Kinetic 1090 puck and a beagleboard pc..provided by planefinder. I tried the actual IP of the unit ..which is functioning perfectly on the web interface. and I also tried the ip and port listed above Do i need to remove the old share name when...
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    Plane Finder Client New Version! 3.3.222

    still not working
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    Plane Finder Client New Version! 3.3.222

    I'm not seeing any information. using the network configuration and have it set to Kinetic..more than likely an error on my part. localip:30053
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    Why there are very few new posts in forum?

    Is this forum still active.. I haven't logged in for quite some time, however I am surprised to see few posts. Any new developments, I see MLAT is active in the UK..any plans to bring that to North America. My 1090 puck and beagleboard have been running flawlessly for over a year now. Happy...
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    Hello All I'm new to the group and just became a planefinder data provider using equipment that was provided to me by Mark. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this. I live in Windsor, Ontario and have several airports around me and one Air National Guard base. I"m an amateur radio...