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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    Hex Code: E48E8B Registration: PR-XIN ICAO Type: BE58 Type: G58 s/n: TH-2366
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    Feature Request: Display information on the receiver that is tracking the flight

    Hi everyone. I'm a feeder for Planefinder, and I like that. If on the site, the information on which station is powering the aircraft, I think this is a motivation for more people sharing data for Planefinder.
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    Help wanted for AirNav RadarBox

    I don't use this method anymore. Now I have a beautiful PlaneFinder Radar. :)
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    Help wanted for AirNav RadarBox

    Hi David, have a option. Open the ANRB program, and install the modesmixer. The ANRB program send data in port 30003, and the modesmixer transform in a data to use in PlaneFinder Client.