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    Help please

    Hi Datastream, You've certainly got a lot going on there, I didn't ping it no but more than that I can't seem to get dump1090 nor mutability installed on my pi, I've done it loads of times without any problems, I've even gone back to Stretch which is what I was using at Plane Plotter for years...
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    Help please

    Hello Datastream, I have already done that, everything I have, security cameras, phones, other computers etc. I always give it a static address. I am having problems with dump1090 (something that has never been any trouble up to now) I'm making a new SD card to go back to as it was instead of...
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    Plane Finder Radar data already being uploaded

    Hello Lee, I noticed your reply to Orlando, could you let me know if I am interpreting it correctly, are you saying that you cannot use pfclient on the same computer you are uploading with? I am having problems with my setup in that when I first started I was uploading and didn't realise it but...
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    Help please

    Hi all, I have had a small problem with my pi going into meltdown and had to order another one, which came late yesterday evening instead of mid morning but that aside I have been going round in circles all last night and since the pi arrived today to try to get it sorted to be my uploader. I...
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    signal loss

    Good morning, I have received an email informing me that my signal is no longer reaching PF. I am aware of this and afraid I've had a bit of a melt down and have ordered another Raspberry Pi, It should be arriving today and I expect to be fully operational by tomorrow mid day if not before. My...
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    How to Install dump1090-mutability_1.15~dev on RPi

    Thanks for that ab cd, Very much appreciated, I was hoping to do it with SSH as it is all in the loft, not my favourite place, I've only got to think about loft insulation and I start itching. It has a 32 GB card so I am following your email to install it and will just shove the other...
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    How to Install dump1090-mutability_1.15~dev on RPi

    Hello ab cd, I am keeping your email for dump1090 mutability for future reference, just two questions, can you erase an SD card and install the program in some way over SSH? and will it be OK in Buster? I have decided to start with a fresh SD card and program for PF and get that running smoothly...
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    Forum facilities not working??

    Hi EngishMohican, Oh, it's the gremlins is it, I was wondering how long it took to get an answer to questions I have asked. It seems the little devils have got a hold of them. I had the same problem at first, although I had registered it kept telling me that my email was not recognized, I'm not...
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    Aircraft icons etc.

    Hi, Can anybody tell me if the aircraft on the pfclient map view can be altered, or is there any form of individual adjustments that can be made to the overall look, save different maps for reference etc.? Or is it what you see you got? Cheers. Colin. Stay well
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    Impressive stats

    Impressive stats
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    Hi, I got this same thing and was told to update the pfclient , which I did and it is still...

    Hi, I got this same thing and was told to update the pfclient , which I did and it is still doing it, that's on one of my pi's but it worked ok in windows Cheer's. Colin we all have our DOH moments. Stay well
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    Are Military flights shown on plane finder?

    Hello Philippe, Some very interesting and valid points, it's a bit like VHF/UHF voice transmission and normal radio stations, those that are aimed at the public are obviously OK to listen to by the public but a pilots voice transmission is aimed at his controller and they are the only people who...
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    Are Military flights shown on plane finder?

    Hello Michael, I would have to go with Phill Military aircraft do have ADS-B capability (pardon me butting in) I can remember not so long ago when I used to get the F-15's sending signals on there own behalf, as well as our Hawks, Tornado's, I still get the odd Typhoon. I have had, not long...
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    Good morning, Not sure if this is the correct place but would just like to say hello. I'm 71 years young and a keen aircraft watcher (mostly Military) but unfortunately there is not a lot around at the moment, as you all know, I have a Raspberry pi in the loft with a Flight Aware (FA) dongle and...