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    Help please

    Rasp Pi 4, with 2020-02-13-raspbian-buster. I have installed Dump1090-Mutability (and probably 1090 LOL) Flight radar VirtualRadar readsb tar1090 anyway, had loads of issues, but that was my fault, anyway, someone gave me a link and it had an automate script on it that I run...
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    Help please

    Log into your router and give your new Pi a static IP address, normally it'll ask (populate) the mac address, then log in using the new IP address with what ever port number it uses at the end......
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    Plane Finder ADS-B Client - Run side bu side ?

    Hi, I'm all up and running with Flight Radar VirtualRadar Tar1090 stats etc. adsbexchange Just before I install the client for PF, it says that it'll install "the client" against 3rd party apps. Will any of these be affected? Thanks in advance.
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    Unable to Register for Feed/Data

    Hey, All set up and ready to go, sharing to a few other sites and some pretty good range, 200 miles for some hits :) Anyway, can't register, any issues? or is it closed ? Thanks