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    PlanePlotter version now available

    Hi Mark Just wondering about the status of feeder ID inclusion and a way to see personal feeder stats... any progress?
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    ADS-B DIY Antenna

    If you want a simple and very quick antenna project I recommend this. Construction guide for a simple ADS-B antenna project. It took me about 45 mins using stuff I had laying around. I did substitute a common 1" flat washer to use as the mount, I drilled out the existing hole to fit a standard...
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    Display problems

    To keep time very accurate install NTP on Windows it will auto sync your computer time. The other place is to look at your bios time - this is the place where os gets the time from. You can access bios at start up time.
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    PlanePlotter version now available

    Hi Thanks for considering the radar source id feature, I look forward to hearing about the inclusion. Great s/w thanks Doug.
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    PlanePlotter version now available

    Hi Mark As a feeder into the system, I was wondering if there is any plan to include the feeder source ID into the aircraft data box when selected. Right now there seems to be no way to identify the data source. This info is not only gratifying to see but really helps to understand the...