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    Plane Finder Client 3.5

    Hi Lee Great news Installed and works fine ;)
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    Identification required

    According to Flightaware it was N428UA
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    New Client Version Debian 3.4.30

    succesfully installed on a Radarcape white. when is the Windows version coming?
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    @marty- Don't know where you got that info, but both are able to transmit Mode-S and ADS-B, when requested so by ATC. I have seen it myself.
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    Plane Finder Client New Version! 3.4.25

    @lee that did the trick. now it v25. thanks
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    Plane Finder Client New Version! 3.4.25

    Hi Lee just downloaded windows installer 25 , but after the install the webbrowser, the client itself aswell as the stats on planefinder say it version 21.
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    its blocked on most systems.. but technically AF1 92-9000 and its twin 82-8000 do broadcast ADS-B, when they are within a controlled airspace close to airports or when landing at civilian sites, else they only have the military ID on. However I will not mention the relevant hexcodes
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    Plane Finder Client Beta3 (3.0.1657)

    @Lee After having installed the new client on my Radarcape, it told me to go to http://192.x.1.21:30053. (which is the the correct IP of the cape) when I check the logfile in the browser I see that a wrong IP (192.x.0.21) is used in the config In order to change the settings via the browser I...
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    Plane Finder Client (Windows Beta)

    ok thanks Lee same thing happens on the Radarcape...
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    Plane Finder Client (Windows Beta)

    Why are my old sharecodes (2 sites) not accepted and I have to create a new ones? "the following error occured: Cannot use an old client sharecode, please create a new one for this client" does this mean I will loose all stats until now?
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    First-time scanner for a 5 y/o (and Dad)

    What you saw is indeed a scanner ..modern ones have digital displays and keypads to enter frequencies etc...also certain outputs plugs to connect to pc and yes, the antenna is mounted, but can be taken of and exchanged against better ones.. for the legal part...
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    First-time scanner for a 5 y/o (and Dad)

    hi Of course you can listen to radio frequencies from planes etc. and in fact a small scanner with a simple antenna, even a metal coathanger is sufficient, but before doing so, I would advise you to check your local legislation. As far as I know, its not allowed in the UK to listen to it...
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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    Hex code: 424288 Registration: VP-BDF ICAO Type: B737 Type: Boeing 737NG 8Q8/W c/n: 30672 ICAO Operator: SBI Operator: S7 Airlines
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    Planefinder App Alarm Settings

    I really like the app and it works fine, but a help file would be nice ;) Is it possible in the alarm settings for hex codes to enter more than one hex code with a divider/separator? I tried it with all I know, but does not seem to work. The idea is, to create a group of certain planes, rather...