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    Renaming SXF to BER

    The new airport in Berlin has been renamed already from SXF to BER You should change that as well. Airport opens today officially
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    Can 2 receivers on same network produce a merged output?

    combining the view of two or more receivers works perfect with the adjusted tar1090 script of Wiedehopf
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    Change alert time for station beeing offline

    How can i change the alert time of six hours for a feeder beeing down? I need to shutdown my device during night time for several reasons where the time is > 6 hours. I do not want to get an e-Mail every morning. Thanks
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    tracking mil flights

    Similar to your reply on a thread which was in the attic for > 1 year ;)
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    Exchange data

    What kind of data do you expect? What's the purpose of these data?
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    Handy SPIDER - No Soldering, No Connector

    I know, but i wanted to test it first. Next step is visiting a tool store for getting the required stuff.
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    Handy SPIDER - No Soldering, No Connector

    Today it is a rainy day, and i decided to build my own first DIY spider based on this tutorial. Looks more like made by a three year old kid, but i wanted to do some testing first. And yes, it's an improvement straight away. This was the point i changed the connection of the antenna to the DIY...
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    New to Planefinder/Data Sharing

    Yes, for an indoor antenna it is a good range. For me it's pretty similar, i am almost on max range with my equipment and moving it outside could give only a little gain. Keep in mind that the max range provided by that website is independent from any intereferences you might have. So that is...
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    Check this with a statement of the admins in the middle of the thread: I confirm that we are are based in the UK and that we are not aware of any laws in place that would prevent us displaying military assets...
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    own feed does not appear on sharer list

    is there a reason why the own account is missing on the sharer list? I tried with my own account, but was not able to find it. Are there settings which i missed so far?
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    New to Planefinder/Data Sharing

    You're well set up as it looks lioke. Trees, Houses and even other frequencies (e.g . mobile network) can cause noise, but you will find it out. i would also check via what's your geographic max range, just to avoid beeing disappointed. The website is a little odd...
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    Handy SPIDER - No Soldering, No Connector

    I will try to build this DIY antenna over the weekend. Is this a regular SAT cable? Anything special to be considered?
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    "remember" function short on login

    What's the time you have set up for "remember my credentials"? I have to log in each and every time even if the checkbox is active on login page, even after a few hours of revisiting the page. This is a bit annoying, can you please extend the time? Thanks
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    Beginner's question: why is there so few coverage sometimes?

    The aircraft you've given is a private aircraft. Is it yours? All other sites are showing a low activity on it as well. So very likely that it flies outside coverage from time to time (e.g. pretty low and not close to a receiver) or it's simply not flying that often. Flightaware is able to...
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    New to Planefinder/Data Sharing

    Welcome Your setup seem to be well maintained, there are a few things you might improve, but let's get your system running for a while first. Can you give us a little more details about your equipment?