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    Greetings from down under. Am tossing up the pros and cons re purchasing a ADS-B receiver so that I could upload to planefinder. My biggest concern is how much Data usage would ( I believe MB is the correct terminology) one use in a 24hr period Any help will be gratefully received regards...
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    Display problems

    Greetings froma land down under All ok now, It was my email that was out of wack with day and date GeoffC
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    Display problems

    Hi Lee and thanks. I realize this next part will seem crazy to most on the forum you have to realize that what you have on this key board is an old fart who is to a certain extent computer iliterate so things I say computer wise may be double dutch and may not make sense to those in the know...
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    Display problems

    Greetings All Have been using planefinder for quite sometime now and have enjoyed no problems untill just recently when I had to have my hard drive replaced. Since then I cannot use planefinder as I now have the situation where Australia is satuated with a/c that are supposively traversing the...