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    Raspberry Pi (B+, Zero, RPi2, RPi3 & RPi4) - Installation instructions for Raspbian, Dump1090 & Data Feeder

    What additional steps needs to be to done to make this working on mode-s beast connected with USB to Raspbian/Raspberry Pi using beast-splitter?
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    Automated Installation of Dump1090-Mutability, Data Feeders, and Performance Graphs

    Awesome, worked like a charm on my rpi connected with the usb tuner. This is exactly what I was trying to get working using various other scripts and web based monitoring tools. Is there an option to get it working on an rpi connected with mode-s beast to USB?
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    Mode-S Beast on Raspbian/Raspberry Pi with USB

    I would like to connect mode-s beast on a Raspbian/Raspberry Pi with USB so that I don't have to keep my PC turned on. I am planning to use Raspbian (not lite) on the Raspberry Pi. Also I think beast-splitter need to be configured to setup mode-s beast...