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    Excellent link. Part of the fun is trying things especially when they cost very little. I have a serious question for you : can i use a beer can instead of Pepsi ? :rolleyes: If so I will have to empty one. AB CD , by reviewing your post I realize that ADSBSCOPE is a must to validate our...
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    ADS-B DIY Antenna

    The splitter is made by BZT the type is G687 or 673E. I have tested for DC continuity between the IN pin and the OUT pin linked by the red line and it is connected but there is no DC continuity with the other 2 OUT pins.
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    ADS-B DIY Antenna

    Thanks for your answer, My antenna is currently open at the top......For my education, what is the reason for your design to be shorted at the end ? Concerning the splitter that I have, the label says ''5-2400 Mhz ''. So it is for satellite receptor I guess ? I have tried to get info on...
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    ADS-B DIY Antenna

    I am impressed with the quality of this forum ! I have been receiving flight data for 2 months now with a coaxial collinear antenna with 15 sections located under the roof . The antenna feeds an LNA board that in turn feeds a Nooelec R820T2 usb RTSL-SDR. I am receiving around 80K-90K flight...