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    Are Military flights shown on plane finder?

    My question concerning this issue is has PF also stopped showing Law Enforcement aircraft? Here in Wilmington, NC, USA we have a police helicopter. It is up right now. I receive it on RTL1090 and it shows up only there, not on my map that feeds PF. I "see" them on RTL1090 but neither my client...
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    I now have a new antenna, tuned to 1090 MHz, in the clear. I am getting TONS of aircraft! Now, if someone knows how to make my computer stop dropping my Wifi I would love it.
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    Why does RTL1090 show many more aircraft than are appearing on my map? Anyone?
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    I have a question. I pick up quite a few military aircraft on RTL1090 that sometimes doesn't appear on the client. Should that information be shared, or are we treading where we shouldn't go?
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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    Hex code: 01394E Registration: N27AX Type Code: LJ40 Type: Learjet 40 MSN: 45-2095 Callsign: DRL27 Operator: Omni Air Transport
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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    Thanks Jose! Now, tell me where you found it!
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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    I don't know what this is. Maybe someone else does? Hex code: 01394E Callsign: DRL27 Gatwick Aviation website to search by hex says not found. What I have figured out is that the hex code says that it is Egyptian, but I don't know how true that is. If anyone knows of some other reference for...
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    Folks, I have a new computer. Same network. RTL1090 on Port 31001, Beast Mode. Put in my location, found my location fine. However, again, it appears that nothing is getting to my map. I'm showing upwards of 40 aircraft most of the time (thanks to the gentleman who did the research on antennas...
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    I am on the East Coast of the US about 4 miles from the ocean. Wallops Island is north of my location. This morning NASA launched and Athena rocket with supplies to go to the ISS. Rather than sit in the shed, I went to the beach to watch for the rocket (which was pretty cool to see). My question...
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    Trial Run Results for Three Types of Whip Antennas

    I am currently using a stock whip (straight} on a shed with a metal roof. I do pretty well, but here's my question. If I trim the antenna such as depicted above, will that improve my range enough to make it worth the effort of getting on the roof and cutting it?
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    Rocket Launches

    This will get out too late, but I'm asking anyway. There is a rocket launch from Wallops Island about 4 AM today. Do rockets such as these have Mode-S Transponders, and because I am within about 200 or so miles, might I be able to receive it on my RTL?
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    Su27 FLANKERS, Ukrainian AF; ARRIVALS , Kleine Brogel [VIDEO]

    I bet the ground crews hate when the pilots have to deploy the drogue chutes. That has to be a lot of work repacking them.
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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    Mark and all, I am now home, and have finally gotten set back up. We lost six trees to the storm, a few screens, a shed roof and part of the shed and a little roof damage. Nothing major. Thanks for the concern from all. It means a lot. John
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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    Thanks everyone for the concern over the hurricane that is heading our way. In order to not get caught with our shorts down, we will be leaving tomorrow morning and to family in Indiana. I am shutting down my system, and I will have it back up as quickly as I can. Keep us in your prayers...
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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    Hex code: A1B46E Registration: None Type: Balloon Operator: Trail Lake Flying Service ATC Callsign: Harbor Air This is Loon Balloon. Google Loon Project. The company name is Alphabet Inc. Wiki has information. If you guys already know about this, sorry. I just caught one today, and we are...