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    PlaneFinder pfclient Image for Raspberry Pi

    What additional steps needs to be to done to make this working on mode-s beast connected with USB to Raspbian/Raspberry Pi helix using beast-splitter? Jon
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    ADS-B Feeders

    Have question as well Does anyone know if there is a list of the current and proposed ASA ADS-B ground station sites published anywhere? The ASA site seems to only give the coverage welder. With the mandate approaching I thought a list of sites and expected coverage at say 3000 ft would be...
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    Retro Livery for 75th Qantas B737-800 VH-XZP

    Great work. I reckon it looks the duck's you know what! Looking at it instantly brings back memories of having a guided tour of a 747SP at Perth air port many, many moons ago from a relative who was a Qantas Captain.... that sort of thing would sadly be almost unimaginable in this post 9/11 era...
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    PlaneFinder Radar connected with RF Splitter

    I've logged on to my Plane Finder receiver from my PC with a browser. The IP address is correct. The receiver is still feeding Plane Finder Net but when the client runs up everything is blank. No log, no stats etc. It's as if it's completely dead. It was working ok last time I looked at it, a...