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    https ?

    Further investigation shows that the problem is Firefox, on the laptop which now converts it all to https. Firefox on the Android device is not converting the address to https so I get to see my data. A bookmark with https in the address makes no difference at all, if https is in the address...
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    https ?

    I changed some things on my server so everything is now forced to https. Now I can't connect from the outside to the webserver on the computer running pfclient because its "not secure". Any ideas on how make the webserver at least pretend to be secure? $ pfclient -v 2019-03-09 08:19:24.653544...
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    is there an option for metric data in the client?

    Owing to changes at a major online mapping provider, I have switched from using my dump1090 web page to the planefinder web page as my usual viewing option. My client is 4.1.1 armhf. If I turn on "Range Rings" there is no scale. I think each ring is "50 miles" but it could be any distance, any...
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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    Some interesting flight numbers are used by NSW Air Ambulance and other Australian operators. Interesting because they are the same as some commercial flights on other continents. I've noted VH-AMQ and VH-AMS flying as AM288, AM 203, AM 281 and others. None of them are really flying to Mexico...