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    AirlineFinder for Android (REQUEST)

    Yes I would like to see that also.
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    PFR - failing to get GPS lock

    Hi lee, Done an extended power cycle and receiver done a full GPS survey,light now green every think back to normal, Thanks for the help.
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    PFR - failing to get GPS lock

    Hi lee, Its in the same position as i always had it in,that being hanging in a window facing south.
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    PFR - failing to get GPS lock

    It say GPS status:Acquiring satellites, Decoding status:no usable satellites, nothing has changed in the setup of the equipment.
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    PFR - failing to get GPS lock

    Hi Mark, my plane finder radar gps light continually flashing. Any ideas i have update 1.4.29.
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    Airline finder

    Does anyone know if there will be a version of airline finder for android.
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    3D view of Aircraft flight path

    Hi everyone, I was looking at other plane tracking website's and came across a 3d plane tracking feature. I would like to see this type of feature on our own planefinder website. Does anybody else think this would be a good addition to the site.
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    Africa coverage

    Hi everyone, I was just looking at the sharer list and I see we have a sharer from luanda Angola but on the planefinder website I do not see any plane tracking shown over Angola.Anybody any idea's why.
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    Plane Finder Client New Version! 3.4.25

    Great new feature,love the graphics.
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    flight path accuracy

    Hi everyone. My question is how accurate is the flight path when superimposed on google maps on the planefinder website. My experience is that when a flight flys directly over my house it appears about half a mile or more adrift from my location on the planefinder website.
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    Feature Request: Display information on the receiver that is tracking the flight

    yes I would like to see this also. thanks paul.