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    Good Old Days !

    I am an old-time spotter from before all the good spots at JFK were closed to spotters. How easy it was to take photos with no hassles from security. Spotting lately is a nightmare; especially when you have no car and must do all the spotting from inside the airport. In those days of the 80's...
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    Cannot see maps or aircraft suddenly

    Since yesterday, the data no longer shows on my PC; no aircraft, no aircraft names, just the main titles and a large ad on the bottom right. I checked to see and my PC allows cookies & I have Java. I use Windows 8. What am I doing wrong? Planefinder is my favorite site especially since I had a...
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    El Al A345 on August 23 ?

    I just joined. I like to track international flights. I am trying to get info on the Aug. 23 ELY flight 7 from TLV. Surprisingly to me, it was listed as an A345. Didn't know ELY even flew such an aircraft. Was it on lease? What is the tail number?