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    Range with dvt-t and pf client on rpi

    Hello Oz Wald Thank you ! I'm not really at the center of Bordeaux but not far away. The ring is about near the same. I tried to fix my collinear 1090MHZ antenna on the same mast than my TNT-TV antenna on my roof (very very clear 360° view) but the result is absolutely bad : no more than...
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    Range with dvt-t and pf client on rpi

    Thanks Oz Wald I decided to build my own colinear 1090 MHZ antenna (less than 25eur). Very easy :) This is a 16 segments and about 2meters long antenna (just 1 hour to build it) Just used inside my home for the moment and whaou the range for plane above 30000 feets is now 95nm (was only 15nm...
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    Open directly web version with filter

    Hello I've created a filter on the web version ( I want to open the website with the filter directly 'on' Is there a way to do it via the url ? Thank a lot N-
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    Range with dvt-t and pf client on rpi

    Hello I'm new and i set up a client using my RPi and a DVB-T stick All is working very well. I use BEAST in my configuration (is that ok?) After half a day of operations, I saw that my maximum range (nm) is 15 Most of contributors have their maximum range at about 200 nm Could you please...