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    No data sharing

    Hello Adri The settings of the PF client should be: Tcp address should be the IP of your Raspberry Pi (e.g. 192.168.x.x). Tcp Port should be set as 30005 and the data in Beast format. Hopefully that should work for you Nigel
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    Server Problem?

    Hi Is there a server problem. Whilst I'm seeing aircraft I am feeding using a Planefinder Receiver Radar on My PF client page (although not a smooth animation) there are no mlat aircraft displaying? Thanks
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    Planefinder Radar Receiver

    Hi Lee No problem, I've gone with PlanePlotter which gives more or less the same display as Basestation apart from the adjacent aircraft table Thanks Nigel
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    Planefinder Radar Receiver

    Thanks Lee I got in touch with Mark who has kindly repaired it for me and so I am now back online. One further question - I have been trying to use Modesmixer2 to take the data from the PF Radar Receiver using Port 30054 and display it in Basestation (just a personal preference for displaying...
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    Planefinder Radar Receiver

    Hi I bought a Planefinder Radar Receiver from you over two years ago. About 6 months ago, the brass terminal fitting onto which you screw the antenna cable came loose from the circuit board. I didn't do anything about it at the time but it is stupid to have an expensive piece of kit just sat in...
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    Google Maps error in Plane Finder Client

    Thanks Lee, however, I'm running Windows 7 64 bit on my PC and the latest client won't run on this. The map isn't a big problem, I just wondered if there was a way around it. Thanks Nigel
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    Google Maps error in Plane Finder Client

    I keep experiencing an error when using Google Maps in the Plane Finder Client. The error message is 'This page can't load Google Maps correctly' A darkened map appears with 'For development purposes only' written across it. Is this problem unique to me or a system error? Is there any way to...
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    Planefinder Client problems

    I have been feeding data via my Pi using Client 3.5.461 for over a month. Yesterday the feed became erratic but I seemed to have solved it by rebooting the Pi. However, today it has stopped feeding entirely. Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be appreciated. The Pi is working fine...
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    Plane Finder Client 3.5

    I really appreciate and like this new client version and also the update for PF Radar - a massive improvement. Many thanks to the Support team for providing this. Nigel
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    Plane Finder Client Problems

    I am feedning data using the Raspberry Pi client. At first my daily feeds were steady and relatively constant but now I get large oscillations in the daily feed. On good days it is 430,000 - 450,000 ADS-B positions and then the next day dropping to ca. 200,000-220,000 positions, and then back to...