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    Origins and Destinations of Commercial Planes

    Hello at 1827 BST on Tuesday 5th April 2016. Could anyone please explain why there are plenty of wrong origins and destinations with the commercial planes. I do understand cargo planes are very often incorrect. Does anyone have a job description including updating the database ? David
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    Airport Timetables

    Hello at 1817 BST on 5th April 2016 As you all know, clicking on the airport circle, the timetables appear on the left but why are they not in departure time order please ? David
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    Show full flight route

    Hi at 2116 BST on Wednesday 30th March 2016 Is there a way of showing the complete flight route when highlighting an aircraft please Thanks David
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    Hello Marty Thanks for your assistance David
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    Hi Everybody, this is my first post being a new member. Not sure if I am in the correct Forum section. I'd like to know 1) if there is a way of showing VORs on the maps and 2) is there a way of showing the whole route of the flights Thanks