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    Feed Plane Finder from Virtual Radar Server?

    For comparison purposes I would like to feed PF from my VRS server. I don't want to use the dedicated PF client. My VRS is fed by two receivers on different antennas with different polar diagrams. This is why I want to try VRS. I don't know the IP address or port for PF to try it. Thanks Chris
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    Plane Finder Client not working // and Virtual Radar Server

    I've logged on to my Plane Finder receiver from my PC with a browser. The IP address is correct. The receiver is still feeding Plane Finder Net but when the client runs up everything is blank. No log, no stats etc. It's as if it's completely dead. It was working ok last time I looked at it...
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    At odd times the feeder stops when it's been working for days or weeks with a bad authentication. I can see in the log the time has slipped by one hour. Therefore the feeder is rejected as the time difference is too large. The clock on the PC is correct There is no time setting in the settings...
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    Plane Finder Radar

    I did a quick n dirty comparison between the Plane Finder radar box and the Kinetic SBS3. Same antenna, fed simultaneously via a Stridsberg powered multi coupler. Over an hour, the PF box received 8% more planes. The range I estimate at about 6/7% better. Also the reports per aircraft is...