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    PlaneFinder and expansion to cover Military once more

    Now that HRH the Prince William is no longer an operational helicopter pilot is PlaneFinder going to reinstate the coverage of military aircraft? The reason given to exclude these was that a newspaper article had highlighted that the prince could be tracked and terrorists could use the...
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    Planefinder Coverage - is it shriking

    I have been on the network for over a year and recently I have noticed that the coverage across the UK appears to have diminished. There seems to be less traffic over East Anglia, South West England and the lake District. Has there been a problem in getting coverage in these areas as the...
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    Semi-retired, aviation enthusiast and keen photographer of aircraft.

    Semi-retired, aviation enthusiast and keen photographer of aircraft.
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    Making PlaneFinder a record keeping system

    Is there any way that PlaneFinder could be modified to allow users to create their own record of those aircraft that they not only capture on the system but also record those that they see. It would be useful if some link could be made to the AIRFRAMES.ORG site so that any ICAO24 address: or...
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    Are Some military A/C Blocked?

    The debate would be best served by asking who would gain from the information shown on PlaneFinder. Anyone can purchase a VHF/UHF receiver that does pick up ALL aircraft, civil and military. The operational frequencies used by all aircraft are readily available in both hard printed copy and...
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    Are Some military A/C Blocked?

    I agree with Horty 652. One of the reasons I came to PlaneFinder was the ability to see military aircraft in transit. As far as I can ascertain there is no legal requirement to enforce a block on displaying military aircraft on these private tracking systems as there is little or no security...