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    Got a question about data not showing up

    Here is my data as seen by planefinder on my local system Now here is my actual data as seen by my setup My system is picking up twice as much as planefinder is showing and there are only 3 MLAT's - Not sure what the issue is here but any help on getting all the a/c to show on your system...
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    Plane Finder Client New Version! 3.4.25

    Hi Liking the 3D view. What would be really awesome would be if we could have the Map underlying the data.
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    Dump1090 mutability install?

    The following is taken from my RPi 2 base build instructions. cd ~ git clone git:// cd dump1090 cd~ wget sudo dpkg -i...
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    Client v3.1.201 armhf

    Hi Got a couple of issues with pfclient v3.1.201 armhf. As you can see, it says I have an up time of over 22hrs and a start date of last night. This is a bit wrong. The start date is the date and time I shut my client down and its only been up for 12.5 hrs. It also says there is no MLAT...