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    Tracking Malaysian flight search planes?

    Well I did manage to snag one returning flight from the search area just now: Hex Code: 7C610E Registration: VH-TGG Flight no.: VHTGG Airline: Corporate Flight International (VEGAS HEAT) Manufacturer: Bombardier Model: Global Express Type: GLEX No military flights though. I'd think that the...
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    Tracking Malaysian flight search planes?

    I wonder if the military planes are using civilian modes to make themselves visible to the non-military flights in the area. I guess the search area is a bit too far out to get direct ADS-B reception!
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    My Scanner has arrived & now need newbie guidance

    Congratulations on your new acquisition! I think you'll find that the various aviation frequencies have been chosen to keep different phases of operation separated. Ground operations have a channel of their own, planes on the ramp theirs, one frequency (maybe more) for approach, another for...
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    Newbie saying hi & seeking advice

    Hi Chris, you've already done well with your choice of a Uniden scanner. IMO that alone should be enough, especially as a first scanner. You'll have plenty to do with setting it up and getting used to its operation. That will give you plenty of time to see if the performance in the air band...
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    Newbie saying hi & seeking advice

    Hi Chris! I'm in the same boat as you, being sidelined by poor health, and looking for things to do. I'm also a long time (40 years & counting) scanner listener. Currently I have Uniden BC245XLT and BCD396T radios. I prefer Bearcat / Uniden over other brands. My advice about antennas is to...
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    tracking mil flights

    Yes. it is possible. No, you're not going to get the same detailed information on websites that you can get with airliners. The same is true for most general aviation aircraft too. The radio system that is known as "secondary RADAR", "transponder", "ADS-B" etc. came from post-WWII military...