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    Hello (intro)

    Welcome aboard!
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    All new website

    Hi Mark Love the new site, thank you for all the effort!! Just to echo some of the comments the planes are a little on the small side. My res is 1920 x 1080
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    First Helicopter Spotted

    I found my first helicopter that took off from what looks like Aberdeen in Scotland and flew towards Denmark:
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    Planes seem to vanish

    Hi Everyone, my "ears" are up so come check out Cape Town, South Africa :) Many thanks to Mark for all the assistance in getting it all together.
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    First Airbus A350 XWB Rollout

    Hi All I hear our bankrupt airline, SAA, want to buy a few of the A350's to revamp their fleet: and so...
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    Planes seem to vanish

    HI Shine Still no news from support@ but will let you know when I know more.
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    Planes seem to vanish

    Hi Shine Thanks for the info and I have emailed support as suggested. Hopefully soon Cape Town could be covered too :)
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    Planes seem to vanish

    Hi Mark and Shine Thank you for replying and putting me in the picture, or not as the case may be :) I guess we do not have an ADS-B thingy in our area although I have no idea what it is to be completely honest, I'm just a novice who likes to know whose flying over my house. Is it a device the...
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    Planes seem to vanish

    I am new to this site and find it quite interesting to follow planes while they fly above in the skies over my house. More often than not though a plane I am following on the "live" page simply vanishes, is there a reasonable explanation for this? Thank you.