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    IP Addy Change with New Modem

    I received this from a friend.. I know it's an IP Addy Issue connecting.. What your email header used to be a few days ago as seen by my Thunderbird: RECEIVED: from [] ([]) by with ESMTPA id St4kiIYz4kqGXSt4niPD8l; Thu, 07 Nov 2019 18:28:37 -0700 How it looks...
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    CPA-95 Inaugural Landing CYYC

    First Ever Cathay Pacific 747 into YYC this AM.. couple videos below on YouTube.. did a FL 6000 fly by of the city..(may be due to high winds?) And typical 'Global'..missed the 'crabbing' to land at YYC that probably took place ! :( Vid I Vid II VE6CPP F-CYQL1
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    Aircraft database - corrections and additions

    New A/C.. Bad Reg. #, etc. ? Just a 'little High and Fast' for a Euro-Copter ! Sorry.. could not get 'screen grab' in.. A/C is Aircraft(EC25) Eurocopter EC225LP Super Puma Registration(C0654B) PR-BGK Presently near CYQL-1 VE6CPP F-CYQL1
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    ADS-B Rx

    I have been conducting a few Tests putting various ADS-B Rx up against one another. To make the testing fair..I installed 2 antennas at 20'..separated by a 6 foot AL cross boom, both fed with 'equal loss same lengths of feed line' to the Rx. My preliminary tests were using PlaneFinder's...