200km Flight With Cracked Windshield

Devendra Kulkarni

New Member
It was a nerve-wracking 30 minutes for 179 passengers and crew on board an IndiGo Airlines flight from Kolkata (CCU) to Dibrugarh (DIB) on Thursday as the plane flew through 200km of extreme turbulence with a cracked cockpit windshield. Flight 6E 205 took off at 12.57pm and hit turbulence almost immediately. Just as the aircraft was heading into clear weather at 35,000ft, the pilots saw the windshield crack. Deciding to return to Kolkata, they put the plane in a dive to lose altitude quickly, ease the pressure and prevent the glass from popping out. The pilot informed the passengers they were returning to Kolkata because of a technical fault. The sharp descent and the turbulence increased tension in the cabin.


Source: TOI