A bit of guidance needed please


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Hello to all

I would like to invest in some form of flight tracking hardware and have seen the following bit of kit on this website at what appears to be a good deal


I'm the first to admit that I know little about these set ups so basically, what I'm asking, and I appreciate everyone probably has a varying opinion, is if this is a decent bit of kit? A friend has SBS-3 hardware and he reckons that the kit on the link cannot be hooked up to PlanePlotter as can his kit, is this a major disadvantage or is there something similar to PP that would work with the AirNav kit?

Thanks for all and any replies.
Hi Eddie,

From our experience you will get a better result using a 1090 Puck by Kinetic. You can buy one from http://www.taylormaderf.co.uk/page47/rapidcart-78/store.php It is essentially an SBS-3 and in our tests it has one of the best performances out on the market.

Both can be hooked up to Plane Plotter but the Puck can give raw data so you can do MLAT on the Plane Plotter network.

If it was me I would buy a Kinetic product any day! As you can imagine we have tested all the current receivers out there and for price/performance the Puck wins hands down!