A plane lands at Manchester escorted by a fighter by bomb alert


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A plane lands at Manchester escorted by a fighter by bomb alert....


A man is escorted by police out of the plane landed in Manchester. REUTERS

A fighter of the Air Force of the United Kingdom on Tuesday escorted to the English Manchester airport to a passenger plane after the pilot alertase on the existence of a "possible device on board," police said.

A man has been arrested after the plane landed, police said. The plane, an Airbus A330 airline Qatar Airways from Doha, landed safely and Manchester Police arrested a man who allegedly threw a bomb threat that turned out to be false, officials said.

The Qatari airline is reported that the plane from Doha, carrying 269 passengers and had a crew of thirteen members, but declined to give more details because he said, "research" is now in the hands of the police.

The security alert occurred at 12:30 (GMT), when the pilot of Flight QR23, approaching to Manchester Airport, alerted authorities about the existence of a "possible device on board."

A Eurofighter Typhoon fighter then took off from the air base at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire (eastern England), and after reaching the commercial plane, escorted him to his fate.

Manchester Police decided to send the game after "the pilot is informed of the existence of a possible device on board," said the superintendent of the body in the city, John O'Hare.

The alert airport facilities remained closed for a short period of time and several aircraft were diverted to nearby airports, although Manchester operations have resumed full, officials said.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the RAF confirmed that Qatar Airways plane "was escorted to Manchester, where he landed safely," while noting that "the incident is now in the hands of civil authorities."