AcarsDeco2 - up to 3-channels ACARS SDR receiver for RTL2832 dongle

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  1. sergsero

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    Yes, the same.
    Only one proviso that the correction in SDR# was performed with the same sampling rate (1.4MSpS) and, preferably, close to that used in acars frequencies (~130MHz).

    Inside the archive there is a file .txt, in which all the details described.
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  3. sergsero

    sergsero New Member

    The program will be use the driver that you have installed.
  4. plane-finder_user

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    sure but du you try keenerds driver?
    How about my idea with an csv output instead of the current logfile?
    It would be more easy to import in a Database.
  5. plane-finder_user

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    please tell me what did you chance in the last x versions?
    i dont understand what you mena with vrs and adsb messages?!

    How many frequency can you application monitore at the same time?
    Here the list for 136 from the IACO:
     --freq 136575000 --freq 136600000 --freq 136625000 --freq 136650000 --freq 136675000 --freq 136700000 --freq 136725000 --freq 136750000 --freq 136775000 --freq 136800000 --freq 136825000 --freq 136850000 --freq 136875000 --freq 136900000 --freq 136925000 --freq 136950000 --freq 136975000
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    How can i disable the webserver? It cost only recurce.
  7. Griffin

    Griffin New Member

    Love the " --no-empty " .
  8. tonkepen

    tonkepen New Member

    Someone could tell me please take this statement to photos of a website and have to put ?.

    --pictures-url <arg> for the ability to take images of the aircrafts from site, which can issue their by http requests

    The truth is I do not quite understand how to put it.
  9. sergsero

    sergsero New Member

    Hi tonkepen,

    There are three possible variants to add source of pictures.

    1. Images can be placed on the same computer where the program runs. Just put their into existing subdirectory pictures which is inside the static folder:


    No options are required:
    acarsdeco2 --gain 38.6 --freq-correction 64 --freq 131550000 --freq 131725000 --http-port 8880

    2. If anywhere in network there is a HTTP server, then images can be placed on it. For example, put their in the web folder pictures. Check access to pictures via browser:


    To use add the command line option: --pictures-url
    acarsdeco2 --gain 38.6 --freq-correction 64 --freq 131550000 --freq 131725000 --http-port 8880 --pictures-url

    3. If simultaneously with "ACARS" you are receiving "ADS-B" from the same aircrafts in VirtualRadarServer:


    add the command line option: --vrs-url
    acarsdeco2 --gain 38.6 --freq-correction 64 --freq 131550000 --freq 131725000 --http-port 8880 --vrs-url
    and you'll able to obtain pictures and other data from VRS in acarsdeco2's WEB:


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  10. Griffin

    Griffin New Member

    Well , I've try picked up 2 acars but I got errors message , 126475 , 127225 .
  11. sergsero

    sergsero New Member

    Please update your version to the latest version 20150718. The download link is in the first message of this forum thread.
    Example of running the program on your frequency 126475 , 127225:
  12. Griffin

    Griffin New Member

    Hello Sergsero ,

    New version 20150718 do working on 2 channel now :), Was having trouble with the early version acarsdeco2_osx_20150419

  13. tonkepen

    tonkepen New Member


    Thank you for your comprehensive explanation, so glad. I understood perfectly.

    I remember that there was a software network to automatically come down like the pictures of the aircraft as you were going to receive, and you kept them in your folder dijeses him, but I do not really remember his name.

    Well thank you very much again.
  14. kucengemok

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    for AcarsDeco,what tools do i need to have?
  15. loplo

    loplo New Member

    @sergsero any chance to see, in the near future, an openwrt version?
  16. Gregory G Harding

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  17. Henk58

    Henk58 New Member

    Hello all
    Can not get the pictures thing to work.
    In acarsd the program automaticly get the pictures from image-servers like,, and so.
    Does enyone nows what the adres is to fill in in acarsdeco2 so acarsdeco2 also get the pictures from there?


  18. plane-finder_user

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    Where is the current Version?

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