Adelaide International Airport becomes Covered with Fog

Shine Wang

Adelaide International Airport becomes Covered with Fog
Adelaide International Airport was surrounded by a thick fog this morning with visibility levels down to under 400 metres which caused havoc for flights and passengers. Flights were delayed and some were diverted to Melbourne International Airport. The fog caused disruption to incoming flights but departing aircraft were mainly fine. The main terminal was nearly empty when flights were not able to land. The following pictures which I took were taken as the situation progressed.

Adelaide International Airport Covered with a Blanket of Fog

AirAsia X and Singapore Airlines were forced to divert to Melbourne after being put in holding patterns to wait for conditions to improve.

Flights hold and AirAsia X Diverts to Melbourne
The terminal was nearly empty with no flights being able to arrive.

Adelaide Airport is Covered with Fog
Jets had no luck in conditions improving and some flights decided to divert to Melbourne International Airport.

Flights continue to wait for Conditions to Improve
Persistent flights were witnessed on Plane Finder in holding patterns as they patiently waited for conditions to improve.

Holding Patterns of Flights that Morning
The fog was slowly starting to clear off and aircraft were given a chance to land.

Fog Clearing at Adelaide Airport
Flights started to land in Adelaide after conditions finally improved after a long wait.

Flights Queuing up to Land
The approach controllers were very busy in directing flights to land at Adelaide International Airport. The terminal began to fill up with aircraft. Singapore Airlines took off from Melbourne and began its way back to Adelaide International Airport.

Adelaide Airport's Terminal Filling up to Full Capacity
Soon, the airport was recovering and flights began to resume normal operation. A screenshot of the holding patterns that flights made reveals how patient they were.

Holding Patterns for Flights arriving from Melbourne

Holding Patterns for flights arriving from Brisbane or Sydney