ADS-B Feeders

Gary M

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Planefinder team I hope you don't mind this post, I understand if you remove it.

I'm looking for ADS-B feed providers in South Australia (country / rural is our primary target), western Victoria and New South Wales to help expand our coverage with tracking of rescue and aerial fire fighting aircraft, this is not a profit or business venture, it is all at our own expense and a free to use access as an auxiliary tool for our dedicated team of volunteer & paid rescue & emergency personnel out on the ground.
We are not competing with any established ADS-B radar aircraft site, we have created something more unique for the above.
Unless expressly permitted by Planefinder we need to adhere to Planefinder's own'd equipment distributed for their coverage policy, so really after though's who own their equipment that maybe able to help.
You can contact me at E Mail [email protected] if you able to help.

Cheer's, Gary.
Have question as well
Does anyone know if there is a list of the current and proposed ASA ADS-B ground station sites published anywhere? The ASA site seems to only give the coverage welder. With the mandate approaching I thought a list of sites and expected coverage at say 3000 ft would be available.
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As any ADS-B site will need reliable power and the ability to feed back data, the most likely sites will be any current VHF relay sites. Whether they will go to the additional cost of totally new sites is questionable.

Coverage could be slightly better than true line of sight, so a well sited aerial could receive signals from an aircraft at 3000 out to 70nm. I stress 'could be', as any obstructions including vegetation, plus lower atmospheric conditions have a significant effect on 1 GHz signals.