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I have been conducting a few Tests putting various ADS-B Rx up against one another. To make the testing fair..I installed 2 antennas at 20'..separated by a 6 foot AL cross boom, both fed with 'equal loss same lengths of feed line' to the Rx. My preliminary tests were using PlaneFinder's 'Kinetics Puck' vs an 'RTL Dongle' vs FlightAware24's 'RadarScape Mode-S Beast'. By taking any variables 'out of the equation'..(ie: on either end of the feed lines) the Rx's and the antenna's..I even switched antenna's around to be fair ! I have been using 'Virtual Radar' and Merging the Feeds, so I can see 'Both'. So far, it looks like the FlightAware24's Mode-S Beast is a 'Far Superior Rx' for ADS-B signals ! Anyone else conducted similar tests using other Rx ? I would like to see your results also ! My next variable to add, will be an LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) to the PF and Dongle see if I can 'up the Rx capabilities' of either ! New Member here of the PlaneFinder Group.. gotta Love those 'Lazer Lights' in the Beagle Bone ! Made my 'Ham Shack look like a Disco' the first night the lights were off ! ;o)
F-CYQL1 on 'FR24'