Aerostar N12LC gets back-seat driver?

Richard Lee

VRS is great! I was watching Aerostar N12LC making it's final approach to KBED from the west.
VRS was zoomed in and I still had a pretty good signal level.

Then, I noticed something odd. The plane wasn't lined up correctly with the runway.
As it got lower, and closer to the LZ, it made a course correction. Now it was lined up..
The new heading and 'contrail' on the decktop VRS display looked good now.

But it seemed a little high. It was still over 150 feet when it passed over the end of the runway.
That can't be good.. The plane banked hard to the left and looped back around.
He was in a very hard turn, 100 feet above the roofs of nearby homes.
You can see the power/alt surge at 2:04 ~ 2:05 on the flight chart.
I picked up the Iphone (VRS was on) and zoomed in. At LOS (Loss of Signal), I took a screen shot.
The plane was back up to 575 feet, and kinda close to the runway at LOS, and I have no idea how the actual landing went.