Aircraft database - corrections and additions

Hex code: A1B46E
Registration: None
Type: Balloon
Operator: Trail Lake Flying Service
ATC Callsign: Harbor Air

This is Loon Balloon. Google Loon Project. The company name is Alphabet Inc. Wiki has information. If you guys already know about this, sorry. I just caught one today, and we are expecting a hurricane within the next week so I found it very interesting.


Mark Daniels

Staff member
Hi John,

Thanks for the heads up on this one - we did not have the data for this one so we'll get it added.

Hope that the hurricane does not hit too hard over there.

Thanks everyone for the concern over the hurricane that is heading our way. In order to not get caught with our shorts down, we will be leaving tomorrow morning and to family in Indiana. I am shutting down my system, and I will have it back up as quickly as I can.

Keep us in your prayers.