Aircraft database - corrections and additions

Hello Mark

Hex code: 4D2170
Registration: 9H-DFS
ICAO Type: FA50
Type: Dassault Falcon-50
c/n: 185
ICAO Operator: HMJ
Operator: harmony Jets

Would be great if we could use Hex code in the filter,
and add "Harmony Jets" (HMJ) in Airlines, thank you :)
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Hexcode: 48C120
Registration: SP-RKA
Icao type: B738
Type: Boeing 737-8MD
C/N: 44690/5147
Icao operator: RYR
Operator: Ryanair Sun/Buzz
Typo in the hex in your d/b,
Hex: A23F0E
Reg: N244CA
Icao: P212
Type: Tecnam P-2012 Traveller
C/N: 004/US
Operator:Cape Air
Hexcode: 0AC95D
Icao type: A320
Type: Airbus A320-214
CN: 9010
Operator: Viva Air

Hexcode: A4CBF6
Registration: PNC-0251
Icao type: B190
Type: Beech 1900D
CN: UE-408
Operator: Police of Colombia

Hexcode: 0AC953
Registration: HK-5323
Icao type: AT76
Type: ATR 72-600
CN: 1199
Operator: Avianca
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Hexcode: 0AC30E
Registration: HK-5051
Icao type: A320
Type: Airbus A320-214
CN: 1757
Operator: Viva Air

Hexcode: 0AC335
Registration: FAC-5761
Icao type: C560
Type: Cessna 560 Citation Ultra
CN: 560-0374
Operator: Colombian Air Force

Hexcode: 0AC96F
Registration: PNC-0926
Icao type: B407
Type: Bell 407
CN: 54136
Operator: Police Colombia
Hexcode: ADFD9E
Registration: PNC-0222
Icao type: SW3
Type: Swearingen SA227-AC Metro III
CN: AC-737B

Hexcode: A6E055
Registration: N542LA
Icao type: B763
Type: Boeing 767-316(ER)
CN: 34629
Operator: LATAM Airlines Group

Hexcode: E90D08
Registration: HK-5216
Icao type: B722
Type: Boeing 727-227(F)
CN: 21996
Operator: Aerosucre

Hexcode: 555678
Registration: HK-4671
Icao type: BE20
Type: Beech B200 King Air
CN: BB-1554
Operator: Private Owner
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Hexcode: 0D8258
Registration: YV3193
Icao type: LJ45
Type: Learjet 45
CN: 45-319
Operator: Private Owner

Hexcode: 0C3007
Registration: HP-1373CMP
Icao type: B737
Type: Boeing 737-7V3 w
CN: 30458
Operator: Copa Airlines

Hexcode: 0AC3F6
Registration: HK-5288
Icao type: B734
Type: Boeing 737-48E
CN: 25776
Operator: Gran Colombia de Aviación

Hexcode: 0D8286
Registration: YV3245
Icao type: C550
Type: Cessna 550 Citation II
CN: ??????
Hexcode: A64AED
Registration: HK-5144
Icao type: PA31
CN: 31-7812092
Operator: Private Owner

Hexcode: 0AC02E
Registration: HK-4262
Icao type: B722
Type: Boeing 727-2F9
CN: 21427
Operator: LAS Cargo

Hexcode: 0D8210
Registration: YV3971
Icao type: E190
Type: Embraer E190AR
CN: 19000676
Operator: Conviasa

Hexcode: 0D81E7
Registration: YV2945
Icao type: McDonnell Douglas MD-82
Type: MD82
CN: 49564
Operator: Laser Airlines
Hex: 0AC19D
Reg: HK-5004
Icao: BE30
Type: Hawker Beechcraft 300
CN: FL-798

Hex: 0AC3AF
Reg: L410
Icao: Let L-410 Turbolet
Type: L410
CN: 861612

Hex: 0AC11F
Reg: HK-4367
Icao: L410
Type: Let L-410 Turbolet
CN: 851334

Hex: A064C8
Reg: PNC-0250
Icao: B190
Type: Beech 1900D
CN: UE-124
Police of Colombia
Hex: 0AC3C9
Reg: HK-5166G
Icao: C172
Type: Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP
CN: 172S-10532
Escuela de Aviación Los Halcones