Aircraft database - corrections and additions


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Hex: 0AC979
Reg: HK-4856G
Icao: P28A
Type: Piper PA-28-161
CN: 28-7716152
Escuela de Aviacion Protecnica


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Hex: 0AC98C
Reg: HK-4977G
Icao: P28A
Type: Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee
CN: 28-7415459
Aeroclub del Atlantico


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While carrying out a search on the database, it seems you have two aircraft with the same registration but different types listed.

2-FIFI is listed as both a PA-46 and a Beech 200.

The was originally a PA-46 but the PA-46 is now registered 2-MARS [I suspect with the same Mode-S code as it is different to the code allocated to the Beech 200]

2-FIFI is currently Beech 200CGT c/n BY-353 operated by Ortac Aviation.

Also another addition is

2-EMBR EMB-505 c/n 50500544 Mode-S code 43ED51 also operated by Ortac Aviation.