Aircraft database - corrections and additions

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Hi Mark, I have seen that it has been added to the database. Although it comes out: "(any manufacturer) Aircraft type not (yet) assigned a designator" with ZZZZ in the aircraft type field. The engines field says "0 unknown engine"
A/c type ICAO code is BCS1.

I am aware that the last update of ICAO DOC 8643 (aircraft type designators) was released in march 2013 and does not list the CSeries, although it was confirmed by Bombardier on twitter (as was the IATA code CS1) and flightplans are filed with that code (BCS1).
Don't know if the update messed something with the "side view picture" but the drawing does no longer appear since the data addon (the white B738 appears in the app and no picture on the website).

Add-on: C-GWYD (FTV2) performed 1st flight on Jan 3rd. (for the aircraft detail tab)

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Hi Everyone! :)

I have recently noticed that Tigerair Airways Australia TGW483/TT483 registration VH-UVB from Adelaide International Airport to Melbourne Airport looked liked an Airbus A380 on Plane Finder according to its plane label. Since then I have been tracking this aircraft and I have come to conclude that VH-UVB which is a De Havilland DH-82-A actually is VH-VNR which is an Airbus A320-232.


I think that this plane label might be confusing as it did for me! ;)
Is there some way to correct the rego swap? Can the plane label for De Havilland DH-82-A also be corrected?

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Hex code: B1E0B0
Registration: XA-IJR
ICAO Type: SU95
Type: Sukhoi Superjet 100-95
c/n: 950024
ICAO Operator: AIJ
IATA Code: 4O
Operator: Interjet
Hi Zik,

If you see this or XA-JLG in our app or an ADS-B system please can you send me a screenshot showing the hexcode in use.

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Hex code: 0D07F0
Registration: XA-AMG
ICAO Type: B737
Type: B737-81D
c/n: 39439
ICAO Operator: AMX
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Hex code: E48FBC
Registration: PR-ONW
ICAO Type: A320
Type: A320-214SL
c/n: 6050
ICAO Operator: AVA
Operator: Avianca
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Hex code: 3C6424
Registration: D-AIAD
ICAO Type: A321
Type: A321-211SL
c/n: 6053
ICAO Operator: CFG
Operator: Condor
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Hex code: 0C20A5
Registration: HP-1837CMP
ICAO Type: B737
Type: B737-8V3
c/n: 40783
ICAO Operator: CMP
Operator: COPA

Hex code: A34825
Registration: N310PQ
ICAO Type: CRJ-900
Type: Canadair Regional-Jet-900NG
c/n: 15310
ICAO Operator: DAL
Hex code: 42457C
Registration: VQ-BQE
ICAO Type: B773
Type: B777-3M0ER
c/n: 41683
ICAO Operator: AFL
Operator: AEROFLOT

Hex code: E0645A
Registration: LV-FRQ
ICAO Type: B738
Type: B737-8BK
c/n: 41561
ICAO Operator: ARG
Hex code: 4CAB17
Registration: EI-FCY
ICAO Type: AT76
Type: ATR 72-600
c/n: 1139
ICAO Operator: REA
Operator: Aer Arann

Hex code: 406ADE
Registration: G-TCDE
ICAO Type: A321
Type: A-321-211/W
c/n: 6056
ICAO Operator: TCX
Operator: Thomas Cook Airlines
Hi Mark, Would you like me to continue posting additions to the database this way or would you prefer an alternate way?



Hex Code: 424595
Registration: VQ-BSI
ICAO Type: A320
Type: 320-214(WL)
c/n: 6043
ICAO Operator: AFL
Operator : Aeroflot - Russian Airlines

Hex Code: 040085
Registration: ET-ARB
ICAO Type: B737
Type: B737-7Q8(WL)
c/n: 30687
ICAO Operator: ETH
Operator : Ethiopian Airlines

Hex Code: 8A043B
Registration: PK-GNF
ICAO Type: B737
Type: B737-8U3(WL)
c/n: 39939
ICAO Operator: GIA
Operator : Garuda Indonesia
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Hi Zik,

If you see this or XA-JLG in our app or an ADS-B system please can you send me a screenshot showing the hexcode in use.

With thanks and regards,

Mark Daniels

Hi Mark




The No Reg on the left shows as hex B1E0B0, XA-IJR and the No Reg on the right shows as hex 41E0B0, XA-JLG


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Just checking through the new, revamped database (Awesome!) when I found that D7/XAX which is AirAsia X Airlines was displayed as Dinar Airlines - which I have never heard before. After some Google searches, I discovered that the airline which was called Dinar is inactive today and was indeed based in Argentina. But AirAsia X is in operation today and is based in Malaysia. AirAsia X's callsign is not "Aero Dinar" but "Xanadu". Did Dinar Airlines have the same ICAO or IATA code as AirAsia X? So does this information need to be updated? Or have I got this wrong?

Could someone provide a solution?

Shine :D
New Entry For PlaneFinder database :
Air Costa is one of newest airline in India which operate with 2 Embraer 190 & 2 Embraer 170 currently having 4 planes in fleet.This airline mostly serve in South India.

Airline : Air Costa
Callsign : LBR

Flight : LB647 (LBR647)
Route :MAA - BLR - AMD

Flight : LB648 (LBR648)
Route : AMD - BLR - MAA
Before I report I have a question, the image posted here looks like this,Where at my end the pics come like the image I have attached on top.Please advise the difference.

1st one I spotted,
Boeing 777-300ER Last updated 1 minute ago
Flight No. z.NO-06A0DC
Callsign z.NO-06A0DC
Tail A7-BAS

It should be a flight from Doha to Bangkok
Boeing 777-3DZ(ER)
Boeing 777-200LR
Flight No. 3S531
Callsign BOX531
Singapore to Bangalore????(It is not going in that direction at all)
Boeing 777-FZN
Bangalore to Leipzig
Gulfstream Aerospace G-5 Gulfstream 5 Last updated 30 seconds ago
Flight No. N757PL
Callsign N757PL
Tail N757PL