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hi ,a new be here,
i can not find any where the TIMES now in the database of when planes are booked to take of and land at airports .Is it there still or do i need to wait a little longer .
many thanks in advance if someone can help please.
not bad to the new changes otherwise!!
Hi Shine,

Thanks for the feedback on the photos.
I can see what you mean.
Regarding the quality we are trying to strike a balance between the speed of uploading each image and the quality.
We are aware the resolution is not as good as we would ideally like but high res would slow it down for many users.
We decided on a comprise that the images can be clicked to go through to the original upload.
We will keep this under review and will also review your point on the bars.

With thanks and best regards,


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your reply. I can see what you mean by other people experiencing slow loading speeds on Plane Finder.

Wish you ongoing success with Plane Finder! ;D

Best regards,

Shine :D
Dear Mark,
Both ATMM and myself have expressed our dislike at the new site. Especially the annoying speech bubbles. When you had the aircraft reg in a small strip you could zoom in and still see the surrounding area with a/c etc. You could then click on 1 aircraft and see its flight details. Now when you have the Reg in an intrusive square it not only blocks out anything in the vicinity but when you zoom in now you have every aircrafts flight details come up which then virtually cover the screen making it almost impossible to see anything. see screen shot.
How do I get rid of the black bar at the bottom which also takes up room and is of no interest to me.
You have ignored this comment from ATMM and myself and also the request as to whether we could have the old site back as an option.
Why did you fix something that was not broken instead of adding these features as an option?
Sorry if this is negative but I used to enjoy the site not anymore.

Hi Mark,
I'm a new user to Plane Finder, site looks great.
One question though. How can you export a KML File?
In the former site it was pretty easy, just had to click on the icon, but I can not find it any more.
May be you can help me out?
Few things I would like to report,
When there are around 5-7 planes it is almost difficult to select them one by one and I can only select first and the last one of the group, rest all I have to skip as they just fail to select,one more thing is it possible to "blink plane" or change its color when we point a mouse on it? It will be useful if such function is there.
Could somebody please provide a guide on how to get a KML file from a flight path? Used to be available but can't find it since the update. Many thanks.
Sure thing tcasalert,

You can get to it via the mini map on the flight tab of each aircraft.
Press 3D view below..

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 17.51.33.png

Once in 3D view sect the KML button top right.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 17.53.52.png

Google Earth might ask for authorisation first time but should be fine after you have accepted it.

Hope you enjoy the feature again.



Mark Daniels
Hi Mark

Thank you so much for this guidance. This seems to work fine for current (live) flights, but in playback the 3D view doesn't load and there isn't a KML button. I just get this:


Many thanks!
I've tried all combinations of the following on three machines:

Windows 7/8
Chrome, Firefox and IE10
Google Earth plugin version 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 in each browser.

The result is almost always the same, if I do get an aircraft in live view there is no KML button (although the mouse cursor changes where it should be, clicking it doesn't do anything).

Is there a combination of browser/plugin that works for you?

Many thanks.