Alphanumeric Callsigns

Mark Daniels

Staff member
Plane Finder works via the ADS-B system used by an ever increasing numbers of aircraft worldwide.
We receive the flight callsign from our ADS-B receiver network and data sharers.

To show flight data in our apps and website we match up this callsign to the flight number.

For example Delta Airline callsign DAL620 is flight number DL620.
These are pretty easy to work out if you know the airlines IATA and ICAO codes.
(In the above example Delta's ICAO code is DAL and their IATA code is DL).

One area that we need your help with is for those airlines that use an alphanumeric callsign.
For example Ryanair (ICAO RYR and IATA FR) might use RYR3DT - this is flight number FR713.

Other airlines that commonly use this method include Lufthansa, easyJet and Wizz Air.

These callsigns do not follow a pattern - or if they do then we don't know it!
They are also subject to change and codes are often replaced or re-allocated for the Summer and Winter flight schedules!

When we do not yet know the callsign match you will see the problem in Plane Finder as either missing or incorrect route data.

So... If you see these errors and can help us please post here.

All we need is the Callsign and the corresponding Flight Number - this format is ideal..

RYR3DT - FR713

If you have this data in a spreadsheet then please email it to [email protected]

Thank you