Amplifier, DC inserter & DC Blocker Setup

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I have been postig on various issues in forum thread "ADS-B DIY Antenna". The thread has grown very big and mixed up with various issues. It has therefore become very difficult for anyone to find posts on a specific issue. I have therefore started to provide links to posts on specific issues at one place.

This is my first attempt, usig topic "Amplifier, DC Power inserter & DC Blocker". I will try to improve this one as well as add new thread for other topics.

1) Amplifier setup example 1

2) Amplifier setup example 2

3) Amplifier setup example 3

4) Amplifier setup example 4

5) How to make a home-brew dc power inserter

6) DC Blocker

7) Home-brew DC Blocker
See item 2 above (Amplifier setup example 2). The home brew DC Blocker is the recycled TV Splitter with one 200pF Capacitor, on the left side in the photo.

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