Amplifier Question


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Currently I have a DPD Production ADS-B antenna about 95ft up with an LMR400 feed line. Due to space limitations I have to down convert the cable to RG6 to get it into the house (I know, total mismatch). This is costing my visibility, and my tests directly from the LMR400 into my SBS unit does bring in more hits. Yesterdays test had 108 targets versus 80 with the connection into the RG6. My longest hit is 210nm.

I'm planning to replace the RG6 with RG8X to match the impedance, but I was wondering about dropping a low noise amp at the connection point between the RG8 X and the LMR400.

My questions are:

-Will the LNA being paced that far down help reception or just amplify noise in the line?
-Is it even worth trying?
-Will the RG8X and LMR400 play "nice" together?

Thank you in advance