Carlos Guzman

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First and most important, I will like to say "Great Job" to the pinkfroot programmers and creator. I have been enjoying this platform for a long time. Now! I will like to give a little bit of an input, there is an issue that is driving me off the runway. I'm a novice photographer and take pictures regularly usually small one and two engines airplanes in my local and airport area. However Some of my pictures just about 35% of my new ones when clicking on the AppleTV (Mac) application ONLY and not on iPad or iPhone, few of the pictures when clicking on a wide angle view do not show in the screen but instead a black screen with the word "Attribution" on the bottom center and / or NO New pictures will show Tail # N642FT, N557PU, N641FT, N5314S and many others.

I have no idea what Am I doing wrong or even is not me while getting pictures uploaded / entering information into Thank You for reading my post and hope to have an answer to correct my issue or even help other issues in this platform. Keep up the great job!

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