Are Military flights shown on plane finder?

Hi Michael,

I haven't seen many military flights show up on Plane Finder but there is a possibility that it might have shown up on Plane Finder.
What is your hometown and at what time did the jet fly over your house? You could try searching on the playback feature on Plane Finder.
Hope you identify the jet that flew over your house! ;)

Good Luck :D

Hii Michael and Shine,
Most Of Military/Air Force Jets or other aircraft's don't carry's ADS-B Transponder So the plane don't send his GPS position to planefinder's ground station and that's why Military and Air Force Planes Mostly dosent appear on Planefinder.
And I think this is good for National Security too so other countries may not watch Airforce planes.
You may be surprised to find that many Fighters and other military aircraft do have mode S.
Many US fighters have tactical codes that they constantly change, they identify the type but not the position (unless your using planeplotter with MLAT).
Similarly most RAF fighters have mode S but again don't report position. This is mainly to help air traffic control to identify traffic and keep the fast jets away from the commercial flights.
Bizarrely before they were scrapped, the only RAF Nimrod that had full mode S was the R1 'Spy Plane'!
The new Airbus tankers for the RAF do show up on Planeplotter though.

They can of course turn all this off when they need too.


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They can of course turn all this off when they need too.
Can anybody please tell me, why started to filter out certain military assets meanwhile?
FR24 does this and still showing everything was the reason for me to join and support PF and upload my feed.

I am quite disappointed with PF going the FR24 route now...

Mark Daniels

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Hello Ronger,

I confirm that we are are based in the UK and that we are not aware of any laws in place that would prevent us displaying military assets.
Having said that we are in regular contact with UK and European authorities, as well as the FAA, and understand that they do expect us to behave responsibly.

We have therefore made the choice to apply a code of conduct which we believe delivers a responsible form of aircraft tracking.

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Mr. Daniels,
I thank you for your open statement.

Honestly I regret your choice, since it is hard to see any responsibility weight pressing on your shoulders.
Regarding secrecy concerns of governmental flights like intelligence or military mobility, we can assume that critical flights will take care not to transmit the ADS-B part. The responsibility is with the aircraft operators, exerted by the flight crews. So filtering out those flights is actually their responsibility conveniently outsourced to you guys.
When it comes to the protection of those flights against violent acts like terrorism, hijacking or any other criminal activity, it appears hypocritical to develop a "code of conduct" which protects only rare governmental flights but not the millions of civilian passengers who are still visible on your website.
Considering the required assertiveness of a potential thread, I also can't see how this code of conduct is suited to counter aforementioned threats at all. A hypothetical assailant and also the public media don't have to rely on a flight tracking website. All that is needed is a netbook and a DVB-T-stick and all the desired information within easily the next 50 NM is accessible. Your code of conduct is therefore obviously futile to prevent anything.

What you call responsible behavior seems to be nothing further than pleasing authorities by submitting to their expectations. You give in to demands which don't even have a lawful basis. In any other aspect, this filtering doesn't benefit anyone.
Unfortunately you don't meet my (the user's) expectations with that decision.

My idea of responsibility would have been, that you will show everyone and everything which transmit an ADS-B signal. Whoever transmits ADS-B has to expect to be visible. Governmental affairs requiring secrecy won't transmit it. If they do, we should watch, because if we don't observe their code of conduct, who will?

Though disagreeing, I respectfully accept your choice and again thank you for your response.
Sad to say, I will carry my rather tiny contribution elsewhere and no longer upload my feed to your site.

Mark Daniels

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Hello Rongor,

Thank you for setting out your position and thoughts on our actions.
I do understand the points that you make.
It is not a decision that we took lightly and we realise that it will not please everyone.

I hope that you might reconsider your data sharing in the future.
Regardless of that - thank you for sharing your data with us in the past.

Best regards,