Automated Installation of Dump1090-Mutability, Data Feeders, and Performance Graphs

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  1. ab cd

    ab cd Senior Member

    The automated installation scripts are written by Joe Prochazka.

    This method will NOT work with an existing installation. It requires a fresh install on a blank formatted microSD Card.

    1. Format microSD Card
    2. Download and unzip latest Raspbian operating System from
    3. At the time of writing this post, the latest images are "Raspbian Jessie" and "Raspbian Jessie Lite".
    4. Burn the "Raspbian Jessie Lite" or "Raspbian Jessie" image on microSD Card.
    5. Insert the microSD Card in RPi, and power up.
    6. SSH to RPi and login
    7. Give command sudo raspi-config
    8. Expand File System, change password, set time-zone and set language/keyboard.
    9. Reboot
    10. After reboot, SSH and run following commands:
      sudo apt-get update
      sudo apt-get install git
      git clone
      cd ~/adsb-receiver
      chmod +x
    11. After last command (./, the automated installation process will start. First thing it will do is to update required packages list.
    12. Next step it will ask you choices (yes/no) for installing
      • dump1090-mutability OR dump1090-fa - Essential to choose one. The script will exit immediately if you say "Cancell".
        The dump1090-fa is Flightaware's fork of dump1090-mutability. Both versions of dump1090 work ok, but their User Interface on Map Page are somewhat different. Their configuration/settings methods are also different.
        Since dump1090-fa is specific to Flightaware, while dump1090-mutability is non site specific, I prefer to install dump1090-mutability.
      • dump978 - Only for USA. Even in USA, this is not much useful and requires 2nd DVB-T Dongle. Most people say "No" to it.
      • four data feeders - Flightaware, Planefinder, Flightradar24, and Adsbexchange. You may choose whatever feeders you want. To choose Planefinder feeder, use arrow key to move cursor up/down, and when on "Planefinder ADS-B Client", press Spacebar to choose it. A star will be placed to show it is selected.
      • web portal - a useful tool comprising of many performance graphs. I recommend to say "Yes" to it. When its installation starts, another dialog will open. DO NOT choose ADVANCE OPTION. The advance option installs MySQL database, and will continuously & unnecessarily store all flight data on microSD card, shortening its life severely.
    13. It will then ask you if you want to proceed. Say "Yes".
    14. The process will now start updating the operating system, and on completion will tell you "Your operating system should now be up to date".
    15. It will then ask your permission to install dump1090-mutability. Say "Yes" and it will start build & install process. It is a lengthy process, be patient, go to kitchen and make a cup of coffee for yourself.. At the end it will ask you to enter receiver's latitude and longitude. It has also an option to provide terrain limit rings, if you want and have obtained your panorama ID. Upon completion it will say " Dump1090-mutability setup is complete."
    16. It will then ask your permission to proceed with data feeder installation. Planefinder feeder installation will be quick, for Flightradar24 feeder it will take moderate time, but Flightaware data feeder takes very very long time. Be patient and make 2 cups of coffee for yourself. After installation is completer, you will have to open in web browser <IP of Pi>:30053 to configure Planefinder data feeder. This will require your credentials (sharing key, latitude, longitude etc). If you have installed other data feeders also, you will be asked for their signup process on their installation compltion.
    17. If you have said "Yes" to Web Portal earlier, its installation will start. It will ask if you want advance options. DO NOT CHOOSE ADVANCE OPTION.
    18. When the Web Portal installation finishes it will tell you " ADS-B Receiver Project Portal setup is complete". You then have to
      • Reboot the Pi for everything to restart & initialize properly.
      • Configure web portal from your browser by typing in browser address bar <IP of Pi>/install.

    JP 1 - mutability or fa.png

    JP 2 - feeders.png

    JP 3 - web portal.png

    JP 4 - final.png
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  2. ab cd

    ab cd Senior Member


    dump1090-mutability -Installed by Automated Scripts.png


    Note: After completion of install, the performance graphs will take about 15 minutes to appear. To make the graphs appear immediately, run following command:
    sudo ~/adsb-receiver/build/portal/graphs/ 24h





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  3. George John

    George John New Member

    Awesome, worked like a charm on my rpi connected with the usb tuner. This is exactly what I was trying to get working using various other scripts and web based monitoring tools.
    Is there an option to get it working on an rpi connected with mode-s beast to USB?
  4. ab cd

    ab cd Senior Member

    Since I dont have Mode-S Beast receiver, I never tried it and dont know how to do it.
    I am sorry, but I can not help you more than giving links below to postings by others on this issue:

    (1) Mode-S Beast to dump1090

    (2) Using a Raspberry Pi with The Mode-S Beast
  5. jprochazka

    jprochazka New Member

    I have fielded the Mode-S Beast question before. The problem is I do not have access a Mode-S Beast so cannot test any solution I may have ran across or come up with nor am I able to script a solution to do so without one being any scripts I were to whip up would be untested and impossible for me to support without one.How ever I did do some looking into it when asked before and was able to come up with the following solution? I have not heard back on if it worked or not so I cannot guarantee the outcome.

    Anyways here is what I posted after doing a bit of research on the topic.

    Using beast-splitter seems to be the easiest/cleanest way to get a Mode-S Beast talking to dump1090 from what I can gather having no experience what so ever with a Mode-S Beast. There are no modifications needed that I see to dump1090 or any other software which may already be installed which is a plus. It seems to be just a matter of building and installing the beast-splitter package…

    cd ~/
    git clone
    cd ~/beast-splitter
    dpkg-buildpackage -b
    sudo dpkg -i ../beast-splitter_*.deb

    Then executing beast-splitter…

    beast-splitter --serial /dev/beast --listen 30005:R --connect localhost:30104:R

    Check that the Mode-S Beast is actually mounted at /dev/beast if it is mounted at a different location be sure to modify the above startup line. This information was gathered from the beast-splitter README which you may want to take a look at just in case.

    –listen 30005:R
    (This port number may need to be changed being dump1090 uses this port to listen on.)

    –connect localhost:30104:R
    (This is the port dump1090 listens on for data by default so should not need changed.)

    For more information on beast-splitter...
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  6. YMM

    YMM New Member

    I've got this setup with dump1090-mutability and running with all of the feeders installed.
    One issue I'm running into is that PF client is not displaying any mlat aircafts (blue).
  7. YMM

    YMM New Member

    I re-installed PF client v. 3.5.461 armhf. Still no MLAT (Blue Aircrafts) data shown. I'm using port 30005 and beast format.

    dump1090 mutability does display MLAT aircrafts...

    What could be the issue?
  8. Lee Armstrong

    Lee Armstrong Administrator Staff Member

    We will show MLAT aircraft if you are sending them to the client but I think that you might have to change your config if you updated to PiAware 3. I believe something changed although not sure what, you might have to ask over at the FA forums or someone here might know what is up!

    We show MLAT results sent to us and also from the Plane Finder Radar & Radarcape devices.
  9. ab cd

    ab cd Senior Member

    The dump1090-mutability's map page shows MLAT planes using MLAT data FEED-BACK from Flightaware to dump1090-mutability on port 30104.

    The Planefinder's map page on http://<ip of pi>:30053 displays only the planes which send position, and picked by antenna of your receiver. There is no feed-back of mlat data from Planefinder to a Pi + DVB-T, hence mlat planes are not shown on map page at http://<ip of pi>:30053.

    Planefinder do feed-back MLAT data, but only to receivers "Radarcape" and "Plane Finder Radar"

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  10. zahidulhasan

    zahidulhasan New Member

    Dear Sir, Again Hats off to your attempt for making the things easier. I am trying but getting this error. Plz advise me.

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    rtl-sdr : Depends: librtlsdr0 (= 0.5.3-3) but 0.5.4~git-1 is to be installed
    E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.


    The package "rtl-sdr" could not be installed in 5 attempts.


    [email protected]:~/adsb-receiver#
  11. zahidulhasan

    zahidulhasan New Member

    Its worked at last, but my map seems different then yours. Yet, its ok.


  12. ab cd

    ab cd Senior Member

    Great to know you have solved it.
    If you post how you solved, it will benefit others. This is how forums succeed.

    Your installation is the latest one and therefore your map is different from mine, which is several months old installation. ADS-B software updates are frequent.
  13. zahidulhasan

    zahidulhasan New Member

    Sir, I was trying over an old installation. First i uninstall all packages regarding ADS-B, even lighttpd also. That package was unable to install "librtlsdr0" while installing the dump1090. Then i just installed 1.15 following this thread. Then following your process to install rest. While installing, i just skip dump1090 installation.

    I have succeed to install another old installed PI. These graphs are really helpful to a person who used to do a lot of RND with antenna & different rlt dongle.

    As example in this time i have changed normal dongle to FA orange dongle. improvement seems noticeably.


    Thanks & Regards,
    Zahidul Hasan
  14. n2qew

    n2qew New Member

    Clean, new install of on raspberry pi 3. Image installed to card via dd.

    Install failed with the following:
    ***Lines leading up to failure***
    ***This - of course - happen about an hour after starting ***

    Installing packages needed to build and fulfill dependencies...

    Checking if the package libc6 is installed... [OK]
    Checking if the package wget is installed... [OK]

    Downloading the Plane Finder ADS-B Client package...

    Creating the Plane Finder ADS-B Client build directory...
    Downloading the Plane Finder ADS-B Client v3.5.461 for ARM devices...

    --2017-05-02 00:39:40--
    Resolving (,, 2001:4de0:2104:1::6011:a173, ...
    Connecting to (||:80... connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 404 Not Found
    2017-05-02 00:39:41 ERROR 404: Not Found.
    Installing the Plane Finder ADS-B Client package...

    Entering the Plane Finder ADS-B Client build directory...
    Installing the Plane Finder ADS-B Client v3.5.461 for ARM devices package...

    dpkg-deb: error: `/home/pi/adsb-receiver/build/planefinder/pfclient_3.5.461_armhf.deb' is not a debian format archive
    dpkg: error processing archive /home/pi/adsb-receiver/build/planefinder/pfclient_3.5.461_armhf.deb (--install):
    subprocess dpkg-deb --control returned error exit status 2
    Errors were encountered while processing:

    Checking that the pfclient package was installed properly...


    The package "pfclient" could not be installed.

    Plane Finder ADS-B Client setup halted.

    Press enter to continue...

    ****And, yeah... It's not there****

    Attached Files:

  15. Lee Armstrong

    Lee Armstrong Administrator Staff Member

  16. n2qew

    n2qew New Member

    The post was to point out that the script has a problem. I guess the choices are:
    Author of script updates it to get the available version, or
    Anyone trying to use it fixes it before running it, or
    Run script and not auto install planefinder, and then manually install after script is done.

    The stuff the script installs has some cool features I'd like to try.
  17. Lee Armstrong

    Lee Armstrong Administrator Staff Member

    I submitted a pull request on the GitHub repo for them to update the client.
  18. ab cd

    ab cd Senior Member

    The PFClient version is hard coded in installation scripts, and is updated with some time lag when Planefinder updates their PFClient version.

    As a workaround for this problem, after cloning the files to your Pi by git clone command, do following:
    cd ~
    sudo nano adsb-receiver/bash/
    #press Ctrl+w and type PlaneFinder and press Enter key
    #the cursor will jump to following:
    # PlaneFinder ADS-B Client
    #replace "3.5.461" by "*"
    #replace "3.4.61" by "*"
    #save file ctrl+o
    #close file and nano editor ctrl+x
    #repeat installation
    The trick is to use "*" as wildcard for version number. Now this will install whatever version number is currently made available for download by Planefinder :)
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  19. Lee Armstrong

    Lee Armstrong Administrator Staff Member

    Not sure this will get the latest version at all and probably not recommended.
  20. ab cd

    ab cd Senior Member

    Thanks Lee for correction.

    I have just now tested and found using "*" for version number results in failure to download PFClient's .deb file.

    Since the wildcard method fails to work, instead of replacing "3.5.461" by "*", replace it by the current version number "3.7.1"

    An easier alternative method is to install the PF Client manually by following commands:
    (Version number at the time of writing this post is 3.7.1)
    sudo dpkg -i pfclient_3.7.1_armhf.deb
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