Automated Installation of ModeSDeco2 on RPi

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AUTOMATED INSTALL ON RPi 2/3/4 Raspbian Stretch / Buster

Advantages of Automated install
(1) Easy Installation
- Just copy-paste one command to run bash script and it does everything.

(2) Automatic start - systemd service automatically starts it at boot/reboot.

(3) Easy monitoring & control - Provides commands systemctl status, systemctl stop, systemctl start, and systemctl restart.

(4) Easy configuration - Provides a separate config file in simple format, each config item on a separate line. ### FOR



Running ModeSDeco2 AND AcarSDeco2 on Same Pi
If you want, ModeSDeco2 and AcarSDeco2 (
Click here) can be installed on the same RPi, provided:

(1) Two DVB-T dongles are plugged into RPi, one for ModeSDeco2, other for AcarSDeco2.

(2) The two dongles are serialized so that each software use its respective dongle+antenna. The dongles can be serialized, say 00000101 & 00000102. In addition, following to be added in config of the two softwares

ModeSDeco2 config:
--device-serial 00000101

AcarSDeco2 config:
--device-serial 00000102

How to serialize dongles

## Install necessary tool
sudo apt update
sudo apt install rtl-sdr

## Stop all programs which use the dongle
sudo systemctl stop md2 ad2

## Issue following commands one by one. 
## Each command will ask [y/n], type y for yes.

rtl_eeprom -s 00000101 -d 0

rtl_eeprom -s 00000102 -d 1

## Un-plug, then re-plug both dongles

## Check that dongles have been correctly serialized
rtl_test -t

## Reboot Pi to restore it to normal
sudo reboot
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