Baggage of entire passengers goes missing !!

Devendra Kulkarni

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Sept 16 2013 : Passengers flying on Air India flight from New Delhi To Kathmandu got a shocker yesterday after they landed at Tribhuvan International Airport, as they could not claim their baggage even after waiting for some time at the luggage conveyor belt.

They were surprised because baggage of entire passengers on board the Indian national flag carrier’s flight AI 215 was missing.

“An airline official by the name of Miles only said it was a bad news and asked us to collect our bags tomorrow,” a passenger flying by Air India flight told The Himalayan Times.

Most of the airline company officials that THT talked to denied making comments but one official of the company deputed at Tribhuvan International Airport said the problem occured ‘due to some technical reasons’.

“The baggage of entire passengers was delivered today,” the official said.

Apparently, this is not the first time that airline companies have acted indifferently towards passengers’ interest.

Source: Himalayan Time